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Hi I'm Dr. Deb

Let's get weird.

Hey, the body is a strange, wonderful and weird place.

And my job is to help reconnect it so that it can perform and adapt to it's very best potential.

So if picking up your grand-children again is a goal...I'm here to help!

If reducing fatigue and increasing your energy is a goal...I'm here to help!

If you would like to stop those annoying headaches...I'm here to help!

I've been helping the Monroeville area since 2000, providing a variety of adjusting techniques and modern therapies. Our office cares for practice members from the womb to 99!  

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  • I've been in practice in the Upstate NY area for 40 years and there no one else I would refer to first in Allegheny County then Dr. Deb Stango.

    Dr. Tim Schaub Chiropractor
  • One of the best in Chiropractic today! Dr. Deb Stango is a caring, knowledgable and compassionate doctor.

    Dr. Barbara Eaton Chiropractor

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